Anyone who offers shares for sale publicly or on the stock exchange must first publish an approved prospectus. This prospectus bridges the gap between a financial report and a strategy paper and allows the opportunities and risks associated with an investment to be realistically assessed.


In Switzerland, companies making a public offer for the acquisition of securities or shares, or seeking admission to trading on the stock exchange, whether initial or additional, must first publish a prospectus. This prospectus contains detailed information on the company’s financial situation, assets & liabilities and profit or loss, as well as the type, price and perspective of the security.


As a prospectus review office authorised by FINMA, we accept prospectus requests in accordance with Swiss legislation. We check that prospectuses are complete, coherent and comprehensible, namely, that they are fully consistent. If necessary, we request revisions to be made to the prospectus. Once approval has been given, we publish key data relating to the approved prospectus, including information on where the full prospectus is publicly available.