SER regulates and monitors exchange participants and issuers on the Swiss Stock Exchange and publishes any information relevant to this. We provide transparency and ensure that all market participants receive equal treatment.

Sanctions Decision against Blackstone Resources AG

The Sanctions Commission of SIX Group AG has rendered a decision in the proceedings against Blackstone Resources AG for breaches of IFRS accounting standards and has issued a fine. The decision of the Sanctions Commission has not entered into force yet since Blackstone Resources AG has filed an appeal against the decision.

  • What we do

    We regulate the Swiss Stock Exchange, set standards and communicate them.

  • What we do

    When standards are violated, we investigate.

  • What sets us apart

    We fulfil our duty neutrally and independently.

Management Transactions

Investors may be interested to know if managers are buying or selling shares in their own company. That’s why we make management transactions public.