Compliant trading is a key factor in safeguarding the reputation of the Swiss Stock Exchange and the image as a financial centre. We surveil the Swiss Stock Exchange to ensure that any insider trading, price and market manipulation and other irregular activities and regulatory breaches are detected.

Market Surveillance AND INVESTIGATIONS

We use innovative and first in class surveillance technologies to detect trading irregularities. Any indications of possible breaches are subject to in-depth analysis of the situation and further investigation, as needed. Our surveillance analysts also systematically investigate suspicions reported by third parties.


Participants directly connected to the Swiss Stock Exchange are required to submit an audit report. The audit relates to selected provisions of the rules and regulations, which stipulate that on-site monitoring must be performed. The participant audit may be conducted by external auditors or, under certain conditions, by the company’s internal audit department.


In the event of rule breaches, we initiate sanctions proceedings as determined by our judicial bodies. FINMA is informed of any regulatory breaches and suspected irregular activity. If we assume that criminal offences may have been committed, we also notify the relevant law enforcement authorities.