Media Release


SER concludes investigation into Leclanché SA

SIX Exchange Regulation AG (SER) has imposed a fine of CHF 15’000 for a violation of the rules on ad hoc publicity.

SER has sanctioned Leclanché SA with a fine of CHF 15’000 by way of a sanction notice for a violation of the rules on ad hoc publicity.

Leclanché SA already published an ad hoc announcement, which was distributed after the close of trading, one day earlier on its website before the start of trading. According to the rules on Ad hoc Publicity, the failure to simultaneously distribute price-sensitive facts constitutes a violation of the principle of equal treatment.

The fault was judged to be and the infringement to be negligent and the infringement to be severe . In determining the level of fines, SER considered the impact of the sanction on the party concerned. The fact that no other sanction had been imposed on Leclanché SA in the preceding three years was also taken into account. Given that Leclanché SA has recognised its infringement and its willingness to cooperate after the violation had been committed, the company’s conduct was considered to be a mitigating factor and was taken into account while setting the fine at CHF 15’000.

The sanction notice is legally binding.